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Our services

3D measurements

We believe that LuxuryStairs Ltd. needs to be perfect and measuring is one of the most important processes. We use measuring equipment from a German company called Flexijet 3D

With the Flexijet 3D measuring system we can:

  • Ensure a perfectly fitting product every time
  • Minimize disruption to customers during the measuring process
  • Omit the need for access equipment such as scaffolding
  • Measure all shapes of rooms or openings including arches and curves
  • Easily measure the height and shape of every step for concrete base and renovation
  • Measure accurately with existing stairs still in place

We are also offering measuring service for concrete base stairs and standard freestanding stairs, so if you are having marble steps and you looking for precise 3d survey do not hesitate to contact us for free quotation.

FlexiJet 3D measuring equipment

Measure accurately on-site and design in FlexiCad software

Are you dealing with the most diverse measuring assignments? Are you looking for most flexible and the simplest application? Then Flexijet 3D is the right tool for you. Flexijet 3D is a mobile and flexible measuring system. It consists of a laser distance-measuring device mounted on a turning-rotating unit and a professional 3D-Measuring-Software. Flexijet 3D is the simplest way to measure something.

In most cases, the laser is moved manually to the aiming point. For example, when measuring a space, it is not necessary to measure the corner connecting two walls. It is adequate when only 2 points on a wall (red points) are measured -that are close to the corner- and the corners will then be automatically connected by the software.

So simple it is:

  • Select the optimal location in the room
  • Switch it on and reference: aligning the stand is not required
  • Select one of the many marking points in CAD, e.g. Line, Curve or Spline
  • Go down to the measured points manually or with the remote controller
  • Initiate the measuring with the touchsensor on the device or with the remote controller
  • A 3-dimensional CAD drawing is generated

Flexijet 3D – software

The FlexiCAD Software provides a comfortable and easily learnable user interface. It is AutoCAD-like. The AutoCAD experienced users will find their ways very quickly around it. Numerous CAD functions and upgrades, which are specifically developed for the measurement, enable a quick and optimal measurement creation. 

Drawing elements such as; points, lines, polylines, curves or splines and numerous modification and application functions e.g. calculation of areas are integrated within the software. 

Picture, texts, instructions and measurements for documentation purposes can be inserted and displayed within the measurement drawing. The measurement can be exported by many export interfaces e.g. DWG or DXF and then can be imported into other applications, can be issued by a printer or plotter or can be sent to the client via e-mail.

  • User-friendly operator interface
  • AutoCAD-like
  • Professional CAD functions
  • Lines, curves, circles, points, splines, rectangles, images, texts etc.
  • Polar tracking, snap and grid functions
  • Dimensioning with freely definable dimensioning styles
  • Floor and space management
  • Import and export formats such as DWG, DXF, JPG, XML
  • User interfaces for staircase software Compass, Scala Treppen, TrepCAD
  • Importing AutoCAD blocks
  • Optimal user interface for CNC machine

The Hardware

Flexijet consists of a Laser Distancemeter mounted on a motorized rotatable device. An important feature of Flexijet is that you can move the laser whether manually by hand or motorized , with the remote control to the target point. Motorized movement to points is the result of high-performance and high-dynamic engines.

The activation of measurements with Flexijet can be done with a touch sensor on the device, with the remote control or by pressing a key on your laptop. Even difficult alignment of the tripod, for example with a level or laser alignment, is not necessary anymore with Flexijet. The integrated inclination sensor makes sure that you can start immediately with your measurements.

In the case that you should strike against the device while working, an integrated shock sensor will detect that as well. Flexijet can be re-located on points measured before, so that you are able to continue your measurements. Thereby taking measurement from different location is quite easy as well. Simply set up the device on a different location or on a different floor and continue measuring.

Flexijet comes with a removable battery so that you do not have to abort your work, also loading while working is possible. Dependent on the situation of working (manually or motorized) the average battery life is around 8 hours. The remaining battery life is shown in FlexiCAD.

  • Architects and surveyors
  • Glass and storefront construction
  • Furniture makers and carpenters
  • Kitchen producers
  • Stairs producers
  • Store-, object- and interior work
  • Stone workers / masons
  • Metal workers
  • Estimators
  • Exhibition constructors
  • Ship interior work
  • And many more!


  • Flexijet System – 10.500 pounds
  • 1 day training – 600 pounds
  • 1 day measuring – 300-800 pounds
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