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About Luxury Stairs

Hand-crafted to perfection

LuxuryStairs is a purveyor of luxury stairs. 

A leader in custom-made staircases, we are renowned for our first-class craftsmanship and customer service.

We design, manufacture, and install bespoke staircases for a wide range of clients. For over 35 years, our skilled artisans have masterfully executed custom-made stairs with the finest materials. Our portfolio of installations offers a glimpse into our world; a world filled with beautiful, winding staircases with intricate metalwork, bespoke carpentry, and stunning glasswork.

Founded 36 years ago in 1982, LuxuryStairs started out as, and remains, a family-owned business. Our factory is located in Poland, was small in stature but helped us grow into the respectable purveyor of luxury staircases we are today. 

Whether it’s a villa, a house, a townhouse or a countryside mansion

A Completed production

We have our own factory and we employ our own team of skilled artisans full time to manufacture our custom staircases. We purchase over 120 cubic metres of  grade A + timber every month, which we store in our purpose-built, climate-controlled factory. This keeps our timber in a perfect condition. We produce all staircases from our own timber, which keeps production in-house. This guarantees a quality product.

Our current production capacity allows us to manufacture up to 50 staircases per month. Our factory is fitted with state-of-the-art machinery, including the 5 axis CNC Reichenbacher Vision. We also hand-carve, and hand-finish, our bespoke staircases. To make delivery simpler, we expertly assemble our hardwood staircases before delivering on site.

We fit and deliver throughout the UK

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LuxuryStairs Ltd.
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