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Why You Need Bespoke Staircases

30 sierpnia 2021

While most stairs are just used to get from one place to another, it doesn’t hurt for them to have a little more flair. Increasingly, over the past few years, bespoke stairs have been gaining popularity as a new architectural trend. Bespoke staircases UK not only add character and functionality to any home or business but they can also be designed specifically for your body type, personal space requirements, and style.

What Can A Bespoke Chair Do? 

A bespoke stair will be individually designed for your space. A bespoke custom staircase is often made from more expensive materials, like oak or mahogany, than those used for an off-the-shelf option and create a unique look that cannot be matched by any other type of staircase. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider choosing a bespoke staircase for your home or business:

You Can Customize Them 

Off the shelf, stairs are becoming an increasingly difficult product to come by. It’s likely you’ll be hard-pressed to find a custom staircase in a shop that matches exactly what you want. Instead, you can create your perfect design from scratch with a bespoke staircase maker. This gives you maximum flexibility over the look and feel of your staircase, along with the ability to design large or small staircases as required.

You can choose from more materials and styles than ever before

There are some very popular materials for off-the-shelf staircases, including steel, timber, and glass. These materials can often be used for bespoke designs as well, however, some makers will only work with select materials for their bespoke staircases. There is a much more limited choice of materials and styles available if you choose to opt for an off-the-shelf bespoke stairs uk. Potentially, this could result in a staircase that doesn’t match your home or business design.

Designing your own bespoke staircase could save you money

Bespoke stairs aren’t always more expensive than buying the shelf. Depending on the materials used, a bespoke option could work out cheaper than going down the route of an off-the-shelf product. For example, if you want a solid oak staircase but would have to source the rails and handrails from a supplier separately you could end up with a more expensive price tag than for a bespoke option.

Bespoke staircases can be used in any commercial or domestic setting and can be customized to suit any home or business. If you’re looking to design a bespoke product for your home, make sure you choose the right company by checking their credentials and design portfolio first.

Looking for Bespoke Chairs Near You?

If you’re also looking for bespoke chairs in the UK or luxury chairs in the UK, reach out to us. At Luxury Stairs, we can also help you make your own custom stairs. Reach out to find out more.

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