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Selecting the Right Luxury Staircase for Your Home

30 czerwca 2021

Interior design changes can make your house look brand new, modern, and completely smashing! One of the best ways to introduce a modern touch to your home is to add a custom staircase

Architecture gurus swear on the fact that staircases make the house. Those stairs are integral to the look and feel of your home. What’s better than staircases that are bespoke and personalized for you? Having a unique set of stairs surely adds oomph to an otherwise boring home. Whether you’re renovating or building a house from scratch consider upgrading your staircases to suit your aesthetic better. 

Things to Think About When Choosing The Staircase

With so many options it can be difficult to select which staircase to add to your home. The following are some factors you should consider when thinking of buying a custom, luxury staircase. 


Materials are in abundance these days. Your bespoke staircases can come in a variety of different materials ranging from wood (from oak to maple to beech) to metal. How about glass stairs to match the glass slippers. They can be tinted, cracked, or even come with the effect of frost. Get materials that speak to you. The essence of a bespoke staircase is for it to be personalized to your style and preference.

3-D measurement technology is used to design 3-D models of the staircases which ensure a perfect fit and the most personalization. Furthermore, by using CNC technology, which is linked to expert design software, one’s dream staircases are brought to reality. 


Having a bespoke set of stairs that speak to you can elevate the quality of your house’s design. Now, where does the bespoke aspect come from? Well, it lies all in the design. Curate your majestic, dream-like staircase by choosing what feels right for you. Go with straight stairs for a sleek, simple look if you’re on the minimalist side.

Try out a spiral, if you like things a little out there. Or go with a classy, royal T-shape for your palace of a home. You can even customize railings. How about painting the stairs? An all-black monochromatic staircase adds a polished feel to your minimalist home. If your house is more color-oriented, try painting the stairs green or teal, or red! 

Now that you know how you can customize your staircases to make them bespoke to you, where do you get them from? 

Where Do You Buy a Custom Staircase? 

The UK is renowned for its architectural grandeur and design expertise. Where better to get your bespoke staircases than right from the heart of royalty itself! Yes, luxury staircases UK are one of the best options to add a majestic quality to your home! Now, don’t forget your glass slipper because these bespoke stairs UK will make you feel like royalty.

Get your bespoke staircase now!

One of the best bespoke staircases UK has come from LuxuryStairs. LuxuryStairs handcrafts, curates, and produces personalized, bespoke staircases by using the best materials and expert craftsmanship by local artisans. 

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