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How to choose the ideal staircase design

22 czerwca 2022

There are a lot of options when it comes to creating and arranging a new stairwell. Stairs not only serve a purpose, but they also have an impact on the aesthetics and appeal of the house. LuxuryStairs, a London-based high-end stair and railing maker, knows how to assist. We’ve compiled a short list of ideas and methods for planning the ideal staircase.


Before you construct a custom staircase or a normal one, make sure you have a clear financial plan in place. It will aid in keeping your staircase design in check, but it will also assist with the material selection. Spindles can be found in a variety of wood types, including cherry, walnut, mahogany, and more. Each will have its own price tag, so determine your budget first. This way, rather than being forced to choose between a magnificent staircase or losing components, you may build both with ease.

Space and safety

It’s exciting to design a staircase, but it entails work and thought. The need for space and safety measures should be part of the design process. Consider a spiral staircase or a half turn for an attractive yet simple design if you have a smaller home.
For a more open ambiance, combine modern interior designs with stainless steel railings or glass panels. Do you have little children or elderly relatives visiting? If that’s the case, make sure that longer flights have a landing and higher rails to ensure their safety.
Wider steps will be more gradual and easier to climb since they will be less steep. Keep in mind that the ideal design should complement both your home and your lifestyle.

Traditional or Modern

Decide right away whether you want a floating or conventional stairway in your house. It will be simpler to plan the final designs and style after you know it.
Floating steps are designed to provide an amazing „wow” effect. These examples focus on the materials you select, such as wood stairs with beautiful metal railings and turns. It’s also great for more modern homes because light and air may freely flow beneath it. A floating design may also be beneficial in a smaller house since you want to make the most of open areas.
Conventional staircases, on the other hand, are timeless classics that may be used in any home. They also happen to be multipurpose. The space beneath the stairs may be utilized for extra storage, cupboards, or display units to add more flair to the room.


After you’ve decided on the layout and design, it’s time to think about colors. There are a few alternatives depending on where the new stairs will be installed.
A basic natural color scheme would be more concerned with how the steps blend in with the rest of the décor. That might imply using matching hues or opting for neutral, complementary ones. This solution looks fantastic on traditional staircases, where they appear to be part of the house.
If you want to add a feature colour to your décor, paint the steps themselves a bright hue. For example, a white foundation with a colored stair top might provide an appealing and distinctive appearance.
For further embellishments, consider the spindles and turns. A colourful spindle against a bland staircase will catch the eye.

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