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Design Your Next Luxury Staircases in the UK with Flexijet 3D

Design Your Next Luxury Staircases in the UK with Flexijet 3D

8 września 2020

Have you always dreamt about having luxury staircases in your home or commercial building? If so, then you can make that dream a reality by hiring Luxury Stairs to design your luxury staircases in the UK. 

The level of staircase luxury in a property can influence its value considerably. For instance, if you want to impress clients at your commercial facility, then you?ll want to bespoke staircase that is unique and attractive. Bespoke staircases in the UK will indicate to your clients that you are a professional person who cares about creativity and originality. If you’re a homeowner with luxury staircases, then prospective buyers will be more eager to purchase your home. 

Luxury Stairs is utilizing the latest AutoCAD-type technology when designing and measuring the luxury staircases of their clients. Flexijet 3D is the name of the technology, and it consists of both hardware and software. The Flexijet software can draw essential elements of the design, such as the lines, points, and curves. Based on the drawings, it can calculate the sizes of various areas of the design.

As for the Flexijet hardware, it consists of a motorized rotatable device called a Laser Distancemeter. The equipment measures the distance between points with a laser. It is very easy to operate the software and hardware after you have read the necessary instructions. But if you hire Luxury Stairs to design your luxury staircases, then they will operate Flexijet 3D for you. 

The Flexijet 3D price will be discussed when you call Luxury Stairs. You might have to wait until the initial consultation is completed before you will receive the price. After all, the price is dependent on the size of your luxury staircase and its material. Two other factors are the size and shape of the staircase.

Do you want a spiral staircase or a straight staircase? A spiral staircase would obviously pose a more significant challenge, which means it costs more money than a straight staircase. Either way, the staircase will be made from a combination of materials, such as metal, glass, and wood. Because of this unique and impressive combination, the aesthetics of your luxury staircase will be amazing. 

Luxury Stairs is one of the few luxury staircase makers in London that uses Flexijet 3D technology. If you have a desire to install a luxury staircase in your home or business, then don’t wait another second. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you out. 

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